Tito del Muro 
Novelista y Guionista / Noveist and scriptwriter

About me and wy work.

My narrative work fit within mainly the Noir Novel genre (thriller and suspense-horror) Deeply committed with my job, I reveal on it my innate curiosity and imagination, my perception of the world and people, and my enquiring personality. I am a Humanist committed with social and ethical matters. Ones of my main skills are the capacity to build solid stories, originals plots, characters with rich and well-defined profiles and a high-quality prose.  Noir novel (suspense, horror) is the writing genre I prefer to develop intense stories, plots that thrill readers, making him vibrate and catching his interest from the first lines. On the other hand. this genre brings me the opportunity to make an amazing study of the human psychology. thought the characters' mind, and put on the table the eternal question about limits between good and evil.I also write fairy-tales for children, with a notable success.





 (Season one) 


'The Boatman' is 14 x 60’ serialised drama, that take part of an antology (Red Moon stories)
Thriller – suspense - Film noir – Horror.

 A thrilling story that will keep you in the edge, and grab the arms of the sit heavily.

 'The boatman' is a “Hi-voltage” suspense story, thrilling, intriguing and sometimes chilling, with an unexpected ending. By a play of deceptive appearances, the plot keep the tension till the last scene



 The police detective Marcus Gramm and the parapsychologist Leonard Zauberer have deferments methods and causes, but they must collaborate in order to stop the wave of terror and sinister murders that take place in Draugmòr, an ancient city with a dark past, plenty of scary legends. Eugène Asmond is a psychiatrist that is involved in the events in a special and dramatic way. Others diverse character are going to take its place in the plot in a surprising way to add action and suspense to the story.

 Hela Not is the leader of a bloody sect founded by Anton Rowne, a serial killer and founder of a bloody sect condemned to be lobotomized and lock up in a cell of an old abandoned criminal lunatic asylum till he died alone.

 Hela is accompanied by Aluca a heartless killer that practises vampirism and spreads the terror over the city by his bloody murders. Both women with the help of others characters, trace a plan to reunite the sect in order to begin an age of terror.

Marcus and Leonard with the surprising help of others characters as Berel, a reformed criminal, achive to stop that evil plans and destroy the sect in an epic, tense and overall unexpected ending. But the action is closed to the final interpretation of the final events, even the whole plot is open in order to involve the audience in it.








 ' The Eagerness of Evil' is 8 x 60', fiction series.

Crime Thriller – Psychological Thriller – Intrigue – Suspense.


Simply, addictive from beginning to end.


'The Eagerness of Evil’ is a series of fast-paced rhythm, intrigue, passion, emotion, magic and romanticism, which catches and excites from the first minute, maintaining the tension until the end. With a great social and moral background, it is an exciting crime thriller that mixes plots such as that of the Russian mafias, the entanglements of a satanic sect capable of triggering a bacteriological war, loves ... and hatreds of enormous intensity, all with a deep and captivating psychological look.




 Angel Leonov  is the son of a Soviet spy plane pilot and Spanish mother, one of Moscow's children, expatriates in the Spanish Civil War. A former KGB officer and currently a mercenary in the pay of various Russian mafia clans, he is full of resentment towards those Soviet leaders, who are now capos of the Russian Mafia and for whom he intends to take revenge.

 After making public some compromising documents, stolen from a mafia boss in Moscow by Lena, a prostitute of high standing, Angel murders three important members of the Russian mafia, in a high-level hostess bar in Madrid.

 Her life intersects with that of Marie Chislova,  a French dancer of Russian origin. Both possess a singular ring, family heritage. Marie is unwittingly involved in a terrorist plot with biological weapons hatched by  Lilith  Bansea, English lawyer and partner of an international law firm related to illegal and fraudulent activities, and Grand Master of the  ‘Societé  Sombre’ , a satanic and economically powerful sect formed by powerful and influential members that aims to create chaos in the world for their benefit.

 Angel has a team formed by Anton  Bansky  former Polish policeman. Alexander Ripin,former Russian military officer and Valentín Hernández Vargas, a gypsy related to the underworld.

In a double maneuver of rehabilitating himself and  In a double maneuver of rehabilitating himself and fulfilling his revenge, Angel and his team collaborate with the Spanish police to forestall the sect's terrorist plans and dismantle a mafia structure in Spain.




Red moon stories

(Season one)

Wickered purposes


'The Boatman' is 12 x 60’ serialised drama, takes part of an antology (Red Moon stories)
Thriller – Suspense - Film noir – Horror.

A thrilling story that will keep you in the edge, and make you grab the arms of the sit heavily.

“Wicked purposes” is an original story of intrigue and suspense. The rhythm is intense. The characters are trustable, and they are possessed with psychological profoundness. They are recognizable and believable within hits roles, as well as the plot which is thrilling but consistent and easy to follow it despite the complications of the plot in order to guarantee the suspense and keep the interest. New characters and unexpected twists appear and take place through the plot, keeping the tension and  getting the audience hooked to the plot in a subtle but effective manner including a surprising ending. The plot is not short of horror, violence and erotism passages, as well as sensitive and dramatic ones. The use of a play of false apperence contributes to increase the suspense  to the limit.


Raul is a handsome officer worker under the orders of a titanic boss that humiliates him frequently. He is a frustrated person that relieve his frustration killing women that meets by classified ads in the newspaper. He cuts her throat using a silver razor blade which is a fetish for him.

download full storyteller here in PDF



'Poppy Winter'  is 12 x 60’ serialised drama,
Historical thriller – Intrigue – Suspense – Drama.
It is aimed at all types of audiences over 14 years of age.
Exciting, captivating, addictive from start to finish.
A historical thriller set in Tsarist Russia pre-revolutionary, which we discover through a detailed and meticulous description of environments and characters that invites us to
reflect on good and evil; justice and injustice; the love, friendship, human relationships...
An exciting and captivating plot in which facts are mixed and real characters, such as the enigmatic Rasputin, with fictional ones. A story full of intrigue and extraordinary characters and situations, not exempt from action and drama.
Ferdinand Kunning —a unique and committed German journalist— accidentally witnesses the murder of a young worker at the hands of the Ojarana, the dreaded tsarist secret police, That will make him get involved in a web of power and dark interests and become participant in the revenge of the sister of the murdered boy, who It will overlap with the struggle of a revolutionary group and its collaboration with the secret services of your own country.